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TR valve cover installbe careful

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I just completed installing th

I just completed installing the right side valve cover on my TR..........the left side was done with no hitches.

The paper gaskets where cut, then sprayed with sealer, and hung loosely on the studs for a few minutes, to get tacky. While I waited, I then started placing the square O-rings in the center.....used Hylomar. As I was installing the O-rings, one of them was TOO small.......slightly, but enough that it wouldn't stay in the groove. I was able to find where I threw out the old ones, and used one of them. I didn't have any reason to believe the O-rings would be of a wrong size........had no problem with the other side.

If I didn't have any old ones, I would have had to stop.......I assume that I would then also have to buy a new gasket set for that side.

Lesson learned: Don't throw out the old, until the job is DONE!!!!!!! AND......Check ALL parts first, prior to installation.
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I've learned that

I've learned that the hard way too.
Did you apply sealant to both sides of the gasket or just on the valve cover side? I was thinking that if I do my 328 again that possibly I would put contact cement on the valve cover side and leave the other dry or put a little sealant on. I found that the gaskets slid around a little after the were tightened.
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