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Trunk opening in a 550 problems

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I had a few issues with my boo

I had a few issues with my boot (or trunk) not opening. I know I need to have ignition on but it took like 5 attemps to get the goddam thing to work.

Is that a known problem area in 550s ? any DIY fix ?
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The switches get really annoyi

The switches get really annoying when they are infrequently used...yea I know most things wear out from use...but Ferrari has found some secret way of getting things to wear out from lack of use. Seems so many cars had low miles that the Dealers service Depts were suffering.

What I do is open the compartment, hood, trunk, gas lid, whichever, then I open and close the latches and operate the switches 40-50 times until they start working again on command.

Regards, JRV
Thanks JRV.... i'll just d

Thanks JRV.... i'll just do that !

At least the car is low mileage indeed.

BTW I am a big fan of this site


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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