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Just recently, I replaced both

Just recently, I replaced both A/C hoses on my 328 and converted to R134a at the same time. I wrote down the entire procedure, as someone else might need to do this in the future.

Before taking anything apart have an A/C shop recover all R12 in the system.

Both A/C hoses runs from the compressor, under the rear passenger fender, behind the right fuel tank, thru a tunnel under the car, up thru the front passenger fender, into the front bonnet (low pressure) and into the front right nose (high pressure)

Start by raising the vehicle, either on a lift or on jack stands. If using jack stands, you only need the right side off the ground (front and back).

Remove both tires on the passenger side.

Remove the rear inner fender and the front inner panels (there are 3 of them).

Remove the spare tires, and the fiberglass tub under the tire.

Remove the air box.

Remove the air scoop.

Drain the fuel tank via the drain plug located on the bypass tube.

Remove the coolant pipe that runs between the engine and the fuel tank. You’ll need to replace the 2 rubber hoses on the pipe at the time of re-assembly.

Remove (one side only) the 2 straps that hold the fuel tank in place.

Disconnect the fuel hose that connects the tank to the bypass tube. You will need to replace this hose at the time of re-assembly.

There are 5 hoses on the top of the tank, cut them all, don’t try to disconnect them. You will need to replace these hoses also.

Remove the tank. Easy said; but you will need to rotate, flip, twist….. repeat all 3 several times. The tank will come out going over the rear brake rotor.

Disconnect the hoses from the compressor.

Disconnect the low pressure hose from the evaporator (under the fiberglass tub in the front bonnet), and the high pressure hose from the condenser (accessible thru the front wheel well area).

Attach a small diameter rope to the low side fitting and remove the hose from the car, pull at the front wheel well, feeding from the back. Leave the rope in the tunnel.

Attach another rope to the high pressure hose and remove it the same way as the low side. Leave the rope in the tunnel.

The your old hoses to a local hydraulic shop, they can make another set for you.

Install the high pressure hose first, feed from the back towards the front, have someone pull on the rope as you feed the hose.

Install the low pressure hose next, also feeding from the back towards the front.

Reconnect all hoses to the compressor, evaporator, and condenser.

Before reinstalling the fuel tank attach new fuel venting hoses to the top of the tank.

Reinstall the fuel tank. Do not reattach the straps at this time. As you will need to move the tank around for the next step.

Reconnect all hoses on the top of the tank. The 4 located at the top of the tank near the front are all accessible from the rear wheel well. The one on the far back of the tank has to be reattached from the top, and requires that you lay on top of the engine to access it.

Reattach the fuel tank straps.

Reconnect the tank to the bypass tube. Use new hose.

Replace the copper washer on the fuel drain plug as you reattached it.

Reinstall the coolant pipe. Again, use new hoses.

Reinstall the air scoop.

Reinstall the airbox.

Reinstall the rear inner fender.

Reinstall all 3 panels under the front fender.

Reinstall the fiberglass tube in the front bonnet.

Reinstall front and rear tire.

Lower the car to the ground.

Refill and bleed the radiator.

Have the A/C shop refill the system.

Photo 1 – Shows hoses as they emerge from the tunnel at the front wheel well.

Photo 2 – Shows hoses location behind the right fuel tank.

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