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I think this might be my favor

I think this might be my favorite color on the Enzo.

See this is my luck. I get to spend some quality time with an Enzo and my digital friggin' camera runs out of batteries. Why? Because I was taking pictures of one of my dogs staring at herself in the mirror. Great. Only got to take two pics. Both from my favorite angle of it though.

Saw this bad boy and a red one that was still wrapped up. I have to admit that the car has quite a presence. Nevertheless, I was not as struck as I expected to be. I heard from everyone that the car was so much more in person...Maybe I'm just missing a screw in the ole noggin' or something, but it just didn't do it for me. Either way, sorry I sold you guys short on the picture department.

No worries guys. If I head over to Asia in November I'll be able to take tons of shots and some driving impressions!

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