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I would like to announce &

I would like to announce & welcome our newest Banner Sponsor to Ferrari-Talk, Frank Baker at AW Imported Car Parts - 800-631-5589.

Frank has been in the Ferrari parts business for decades and has great contacts & prices. He is a well known insider and one of my personal favorite parts suppliers of "New & Rebuilt Parts". Having rarely seen him reccomended on the internet I convinced him to get his name out to the many owners that use the internet as a reference source. Many may recognize the name from his adds in Cavallino & Forza magazines.

When shopping for parts give Frankie a call for a quote, I think many will be pleasantly surprised by his prices and service.

His banner add will appear in the near future, until then he can be reached at:

Frank Baker
AW Imported Car Parts

Welcome Aboard Frankie!!!!

Best Regards, JRV

ps: he's old school and has no web site, but is just a phone call away.

pss: make sure you mention you saw his add on Ferrari-Talk when you call

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Great!!! I may be looking for

Great!!! I may be looking for OEM rubber brake hoses if the SS don't fit. I'll give Frankie a call this week.


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I'm sure you wi


I'm sure you will like Frank....

He may even have some SS lines that fit.

Regards, JRV

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I bought all my clutch parts &

I bought all my clutch parts (on JRV's recommendation) from Frank, and all went well. Good price, perfect parts, and good communication- that's all I ask.
A great company to work with.
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