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I recently recieved this EM, S

I recently recieved this EM, Should we let him in???? Personally I say YES!!!!! For what we do I think we're THE BEST and if someone wants Help and to Help I think he should be IN.....!! I can't think of a Better way to make another Hero unstead of another Zero than to let this Guy in!! But what do you guys think????

At risk of being banned instantly, I have a confession to make. You will
remember me from the past at ferrarichat under the name *****. I was what I
considered a friend of *** ****and found out a few years ago that he was
and is a very dishonest person. He told me several things about you that
appeared to be factual and I made some assumptions as well as formed some
opinions about you that were not justified. I realized the mistakes I had
made once it was too late and Ill forever have bad feeling towards **** for
this. Ive often thought about this grief he caused many people and continue
to have regrets for the things that happened as a result. Once again, I

I joined f-talk under the name **** ****because I wanted to participate
as a productive and polite member, help and be helped without being
instantly banned. I dont like being dishonest so Ill take my lumps by coming
forward now rather than continue under a false name. F-chat lacks the
technical know-how that your site provides as well as maturity. The memebers
are also mostly owners that offer experience rather than stupid opinions
from who knows who? So I would like to join your site under my real name but
that requires your permission and forgiveness. i think life is too short to
hold grudges, takes too much energy and is non-productive. I live my life by
that axiom. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me for passing
judgement in the past then I would be honored to join your fine site. I can
bring something to the table, I do own a very clean, low kms unmolested 8*
512 BBi as well as the ** 308 im restoring currently. Im a mechanic as well.
If you are against my proposal then I understand and Ill stay away, no more
lurking or false user names. I wont hold a grudge.

All the best and good luck with your site.


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The tech support on this site

The tech support on this site is fantastic, so if he can add to that and behave then yes.

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I say water under the bridge e

I say water under the bridge etc.. life is way too short to hold grudges for eons.
If he can help then by all means let him in.

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I always been a firm bel

I always been a firm believer in forging those who regrets their acts from the past. If this individual has truly regreted his actions, and is willing to participate in this forum, under the rule set herein, by all means lets welcome him into the forum without holding any grudges.


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I agree.....let Paul in...we a

I agree.....let Paul in...we all are given a set amount of rope here....some have chosen to hang themselves with it, but that is their deal. is your rope...welcome to the fold.


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I think Paul will be a good co

I think Paul will be a good contributor here for all and he is correct about the level of expertise and maturity on this site.

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Behind every screen name is a

Behind every screen name is a real person and I think Paul is being very honest and upfront about the situation, especially in the iternet medium where lies and disception runs rampant. We have all gotten the wrong impression by proxy of someone and it takes guts to admit we were wrong and apologize, especially if there is nothing to gain but a clear conscience. In the end, the internet is nothing more than people and relationships and it takes maturity and some life experience to treat others on sites like this with the respect that everyone deserves, even if one disagrees with others points of view.

I say score one for Paul, JRV and this site.

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Thank you every one, I just le

Thank you every one, I just learned today of the "pole" from JRV directly in an EM so today I looked for it (I was staying away)to see how I made out. Wow, nice reception, Ill do my best to contribute where I can and certianly rely on the wisdom found here to keep my BBi running!

Thanks again, My user name will be newman, no more Dave Carson.


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Dave (Paul),


Dave (Paul),

obviously I didn't need to put this to a vote, but I wanted to show the quality and character of our members!!! And as usual they showed that they are of the highest caliber!!!!

With 13 posts I guess you had already figured that out, but it's nice to give credit to the Quality of members we have here!!!! They are the best in everyway and I'm proud to be associated with them all!!!!

Welcome to F-T!

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I just got home from Phoenix a

I just got home from Phoenix and opened up this up as my first thread. Great confirmation that good prevails over "their invincible defeat" (great phrase from lyrics to a song I listened to on the drive back). Coincidentally, my web site's incoming logs are back to normal! No more virus attacks!

I'll have photos of the cars I saw at Ferrari of Scottsdale up later today.
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