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What makes a good online community

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Well Rob,

I think that'

Well Rob,

I think that's a great question...and all of the attributes you have listed are essential to maintain harmony amongest the diversity of users.

As there are numerous boards, on the same subjects all over the Internet, I see no good reason what there shouldn't be a variety of co-existing Ferrari Boards...which in actuality, there are. FerrariChat and FerrariTalk are hardly the only two "players", if you will, in this spectrum.

Different boards on the same subject matter may, and often do attract different personalities of users. One is not better or worse than the other, merely differnet.

Personally, I have spent considerable time, when available to me, posting on both boards...

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Maybe if certian people spent

Maybe if certian people spent more time on their own site (and looking in the mirror) making improvements instead of so much time spamming other boards the question would be a mute point ?

But to answer your question, it's really quite simple...people make a Good Online Community...."Good People" have Good People, you have a Good Community, it's that simple.

Curious as to what makes a Bad Community rob?

Regards, JRV
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