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TV series today are getting better and better, the quality of some current TV shows give the best films out there a run for their money. What TV Shows are you still watching?
Here are some of the shows I currently watch during the year:
Homeland - The show is riveting and the acting amazing.
Breaking Bad - Excellent writing, great acting and just pure entertainment.
Revenge - Over the top, melodramatic soap, physiological thriller/drama that is so entertaining with its twists and turns that it keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Mad Men - Still just as stylish and just as high quality as ever.
House of Cards - The best new show to come out this season, Kevin Spacey just rules the screen and the writing and dialogue is absolutely amazing.
Vikings - At first did not know what to make out of this show but its just so damn good, the past couple of episodes of season 1 have been stellar.
Grimm - This show has really surprised me especially season 2, its so action packed and fun. Its today's Buffy.
Modern Family - Might not be as good as what it was but it still remains one of the very best comedies on TV.
Suburgatory - Its so cooky and different than any other sitcom on TV.
Happy Endings - Has some of the funniest and most lovable characters on TV and so many LOL moments.
Grey's Anatomy - Ok so its not what it use to be in terms of quality but it still remains just as entertaining as ever.
True Blood - Another show that has fallen in the quality department but still great fun.
Dexter - Although not even close to its former glory it still remains among the best TV shows around.
Apartment 23 - I am gonna miss this show, it was over the top crazy and hilarious.
Mindy Project - Mindy is so funny and so adorable.
Spartacus This past season has been mediocre at best especially considering how good this show use to be but I am still enjoying it and awaiting the finale.
Boardwalk Empire - High quality TV, I love this show.
American Horror Story - It has its ups and its downs but Jessica Lange and the rest of the cast are amazing and Season 2 ended brilliantly.
Arrow - Its great fun, action packed comic hero delight.
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