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Maybe if Mr. G. drops in he ca

Maybe if Mr. G. drops in he can help identify these 2 GT 40's ? or any other takers?

Pics taken at Monterey Historics 96-97-98


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Is the first one an ex-Umberto

Is the first one an ex-Umberto Maglioli (sp) ex Scuderia Brescia GT40 Mk II? Not sure what number it was, but it was sure red. Transferred owners a bunch of times. Maglioli, Sbarro, Luchinni, and now Richard Meins. It was at one point painted white with blue stripes.

No clue on the second one. The only #5 GT40 I'm aware of is the 1966 LeMans 3rd place finisher, the Holman #5. But its painted gold.

Obviously I'm no L. Wayne Ausbrooks here. No clue on either serial number. Even though I know about the vehicles I mentioned, which are probably not the ones here...

Had to give it a shot though.

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