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This exerpt is from the old FA

This exerpt is from the old FAF "Ferrari Owners Survivors Manual" circa mid 80's that was in their parts catalogue and had assorted technical tips.

"Why Do Dinoplex units Fail?"

"The Marelli dinoplex unit is an extremely high voltage output device that performs excellently most of the time. Its only fault is it seems to be very sensitive to high input voltage. Most problems seem to occur soon after a dead battery has been jump started. Problems can also occur if the car has been sitting long enough for the battery to drain down, when the car does start, the alternator puts out high current and voltage and sometimes the regulator apparently doesn't catch the over-voltage situation soon enough to prevent damage to the Dinoplex internal circuitry. Because of this apparent sensitivity to high voltage surges from either a jump start battery and alternator or from the cars own alternator, we strongly recommend that you keep the battery fully charged. Thus, if your car sits for long periods use a charger, after disconnecting the battery from the car, before starting."
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