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Without a doubt, every owner dreads the moment when their car won’t start. What should you do? Who should you call? Can you fix it yourself? Here’s a list with ten common reasons why cars don’t start up and what you can do about it.

'The first step is to define the no start' said Joe Spadafora, certified instructor at Universal Technical Institute’s Exton, Pennsylvania campus. Spadafora spent the majority of his career in working in the service department of several dealerships and receiving factory training from GM. He’s certified as a Master Technician and certified by Chrysler as a Dodge Viper technician . He also holds certifications from Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus and Scion as well, so if there’s something wrong with your car, chances are he’s seen it before.

To diagnose the reason your car isn’t starting, you need to pay attention to happening when you turn the key. 'Does the engine crank but not actually start or, when you turn the key, does literally nothing happen?' he said. 'In a customer’s eyes, the following two options are the same because both create a scenario that results in the vehicle’s failure to run.'

While the two situations might seem similar, they have very different meanings that are important to a mechanic and can signal different problems calling for a variety of solutions.

'It’s important to note that a vehicle is an extremely complicated machine and can exhibit similar symptoms for a variety of reasons,' he said. 'That is why it’s important to first look at the type of ‘no start’ and then at the list of conditions that could be causing it in the first place.'
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Reason 1, start BAI only hear the start electromechanical magnetic switch "cluck" sound, or the first time start the machine to drive the crankshaft slowly turn a few times, then appear to start the electromagnetic switch "cluck" ring, but the crankshaft does not rotate. This phenomenon generally belongs to the battery "broken grid" fault.
Reason 2: temporary stop can start every time, but stop for a long time or start the next day can only make the crankshaft turn once. This phenomenon belongs to the serious self-discharge of the battery, and the plates and partitions are seriously aging, indicating that the battery is close to being scrapped.
Reason 3. When starting, the starter suddenly turns and is weak, accompanied by the smell of burning rubber or smoke from the battery, which is mostly caused by heat loss caused by the poor contact of pole pile and pole pile clamp.
Reason 4. If the driving gear of the starter and the flywheel gear ring of the engine make an idling sound when starting up, there are two reasons for it: First, the meshing cutting surface of the flywheel gear ring is deformed; Second, the clearance between the driving gear of the starter and the flywheel gear ring is too large. The two don't mesh, and the engine doesn't start.
Reason 5. As soon as the main power switch is switched on, the driving gear of the starter will mesh with the ring gear of the flywheel for rotation. The occurrence of this fault, one is to start the electromechanical magnetic switch of the holding coil is wrong connected to the power terminal; The second is that the three wires on the key switch are connected wrong. The judgment method is as follows: when the key is in the position "0", the driving gear of the starting machine does not turn, and when the key is in the position "2", the driving gear of the starting motor and the flywheel gear ring are engaged to rotate together.
Reason 6. The engine cannot start when the start switch turns to the start position, and there are no other phenomena. This fault, one is the key, switch due to wear and tear and not connected to start the circuit; The second is that the starter relay is not connected to the starting electromechanical magnetic switch circuit; Third, the power switch is not connected to the main circuit.
Cause 7. There is only a slight "tap" sound when starting, and there is no reaction again. This is caused by starting the relay. At this time as long as press the end of the electromagnet, force the electromagnet forward, you can start the circuit connected, so as to start the engine.
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