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My passenger windshield wiper

My passenger windshield wiper arm on my recently acquired '76 308 is not resting in the right place - it is too far down causing the tip of the rubber blade to extend below the windshield instead of resting totally on the glass. Before I bought the vehicle they were fine - the dealer must have screwed something up before delivering the car to me. Is the arm removable? Could it have been put on wrong?

Thank you again,


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Theyare easily adjustable by f

Theyare easily adjustable by flipping up the cover on the very end of the arm itself (body end)loosening the nut you will find underneath, jiggling arm loose from shaft, repositioning correctly and retighening nut.

Then if you really want to get picky, you can operate the wipers (always on a wet winshield, never dry) and adjust each one to precisely cover full strokes both ways and retighten.

The nuts tend to work loose over time and it's not a bad idea to check nut tightness once a year.


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On a side note about wipers, b

On a side note about wipers, but specifically pertaining to the shafts.

It is a very good idea for those who rarely drive in the rain or mist to take their wiper arms off every year or so and operate the wipers without arms, while allowing oil (3in1 oil or simular) to migrate between the inner and outer portions of the shafts themselves to displace rust/corrosion and allow the lubrication to fully penetrate all the moving parts.

Many of you will find after this lubricating operation that wiper speed will increase significantly.
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