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The windshield wipers on my C4

The windshield wipers on my C4 seem to be seemed to be having difficulty deciding just how far to travel. I would set them up in the parked position, next thing you know, they were parking down on the sheet metal below the windshield or traveling off the windshield on the high side.

I took the drive unit apart and discovered that the drive pin (connects the drive cable to the drive gear) is located on a smaller wheel/cam that rotates in a circular cut out on one side of the larger drive wheel. When the smaller wheel rotates, the drive pin changes it relationship to the drive gear axis and changes the stroke of the cable.

So my question(s) are –

Is the smaller wheel/cam supposed to rotate dynamically as the windshield wipers operate? Or should it be locked into a single setting?

Is there a prescribed method to set up the wipers?

Does this extra dynamic cam perform a unique function with is beyond my comprehension at this time?


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Hi Aaron,

The most common p

Hi Aaron,

The most common problem is the tiny teeth on the wiper arm shafts become worn down and unable to grip the wiper arm socket tightly enough to prevent slippage. Be careful just tightening the holder nut more, as the arm socket can/will crack.

>>Is there a prescribed method to set up the wipers? <<

yes,.......throughly wet the windshild with a spray bottle, then turn on the wipers, keeping the glass wet. Set to spec. On dry glass it's hard if not impossible to get "real world" travel from old motors combined with the drag of the blade on dry glass.


Regards, JRV

Happy Thanksgiving Back at Ya!!
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