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Looking for wiper arms and bla

Looking for wiper arms and blades for a 1981 308 GTSi. I don't have a parts manual to reference, but is this an off the shelf p/n number? Does it cross to any other manufacturer? Any help or info is greatly appreciated.



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I've had good luck just ma

I've had good luck just matching up the blade inserts.........I hated to lose the stock wire holders on my 1977s........I don;t have parts numbers though.

It has to do with the end mounting clip that holds it. Match up the refill by length and clip type.


The only blade manufacturer I've been disappointed with, was RainX....figuring they would be good, based upon my use of their liquid product, I put them on my Pontiac, and they don't curve properly to follow the glass!!! Leave huge unwiped areas!
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