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I was just wondering if it wou

I was just wondering if it would be possiable to get rid of the shift cables in a 348 and replace them with a shifter rod like in the 308/355 cars.

I know there would have to be modifications done and you would have to make your own shift rod but do you guy's think it is a parctical mod?

I'm sure it would not be to difficult to do



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Tom I would like to be able to

Tom I would like to be able to help you with this but I am not sure how to complete it. I would think it would be a great improvement. The 348 cables don't seem like the best design plus it takes 3x as much power at least to move than a 308.
The 308s have a ball that pivots but with a flat side that a spring can press on so it will center itself on shifting. Couldn't use a 308 shifter and support for it and then fabricate it from a steel rod. I am thinking that the 348 has the gas tank all of the way accross so it might have to go underneath that or ?. Anyway just thought I would share some ideas.
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