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This one is really going to ma

This one is really going to make you think I have too much time on my hands......

Will be fitting the new single distributor on the rear bank as soon as the new cams get here. A pet peeve of mine ever since my Fiat days is I like a lot of room to work on the engine (also why I will never have a Mooney airplane).
So, to open up more room around the rear distributor mount wherer the new distributor will go, I retro fitted an early 308 expansion tank, and took the opotunity to replace some water hoses. Had to relocate the ports, but no problem for my local ace radiator shop.

I think it does add some more room, and will definitely ease the distributor installation. I also personally think witrhout the cat and all that FI crap in the engine bay it's got to run cooler.

Just a little light entertainment.

I have also come to the heretical opinion that tubis on 3.2 liter single cat Ferraris (and some others) sound like crap - stay tuned for more crazyness.

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